Giallo Siena – Yellow Italian Marble

Giallo Siena

Giallo Siena is the traditional Yellow marble from Italy. This marble is used for special projects and very luxury styles.
We can give this marble directly from the quarry and we can supply slabs , tiles , flooring , walling , tables , bathrooms .

This is unique Gold color marble because it’s yellow  .

Our quarry of Giallo Sienna is in the Chianti’s hills and the landscape is very wonderfull .

The architects used this marble because the intense Yellow color is so unique and can be used in private project or in commercial projects like hotels , mall .

Marbles such like onyx , and other decoration’s stones are nowdays mined all over the world , but the originality , quality of the stones coming from Carrara is much more high .


Giallo siena
Giallo siena

Our company Marmi di Carrara is in the stone market and escavation since 1956 . We have quarry in Carrara’s Area and all over the world : Grigio carnico, Giallo siena, Verde Malachite , Rosso Damasco .